Vibratory Bowls - Standard


Surface Preparation features a complete line of Standard Vibratory Bowls. Standard bowls are robust & economical. They have an integrated screening system consisting of manually or pneumatically operated separation flap and a built in separation screen.

Key features of Standard Vibratory Bowls:

  • Flat bottom work bowl - ideal for processing delicate parts
  • Large opening between work bowl bottom & separation flap – allows trouble free processing of larger parts
  • Extra long screen deck – provides easy separation of flat parts


Product specification example for Standard Bowls:

 CD 110CD 200CD 300CD 400CD 600CD 1200

Gross Volume of work bowl(cf)

Working Capacity of work bowl (cf)

Largest Work Piece Dimension (measured diagonally, inches)

Screen area (square inches)2443135336619031356

Thickness of lining (single / double).31 / .62.47 / .94.63 / 1.26.63 / 1.26.78 / 1.57.98 / 1.96

Maximum Drive Power at 1500 RPM (hp)1.341.343.483.485.3610.72

Speed (RPM)1,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,5001,000 / 1,500

Maximum Centrifugal Force (N)17,54018,71033,68033,68072,980138,470

Total Weight Empty (lbs)6959101,3951,7632,5135,291

Magnetic Separator*MS

Acoustic lid*SDD 110SDD 200SDD 300SDD 400SDD 600SDD 1200

Vibratory Drier*G100G200G200G500G500G1000

Belt Drier*On requestOn requestOn requestBF-HL 600/300BF-HL 600/300BF-HL 600/300

*Available as optional equipment for standard vibratory bowls

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of vibratory bowl that best fits your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.