Plastic Blasting Media



  • Light weight, angular media that is available in different hardness’s to suit an application
  • Excellent choice for the removal of paint and other organic coatings without harm to delicate substrates such as aluminum or composites
  • Used for plastic and rubber deflashing
  • Hardness selection can be tailored to surface substrate for proper contaminant removal without damaging underlying surface
  • Light abrasive particles attain great velocity in abrasive blast equipment without great mass to allow very fast stripping rates without surface damage


  • Angular or blocky shape
  • MOHs hardness: 3.0-4.0
  • Type I Polyester 3.0 MOHs
  • Type II Urea 3.5 MOHs
  • Type III Melamine 4.0 MOHs
  • Type V Acrylic 3.5 MOHs
  • Type I & Type V approximately 45-48 lbs/cu. ft. bulk density
  • Type II & Type III approximately 58-60 lbs/cu. ft. bulk density
  • Available in mixed grits based on sieve sizing
  • Military and non-military spec products available

Download: SDS and Tech Data Sheet