Empire ProFormer™ Blast Cabinets


Empire ProFormer™ blast cabinets puts all the greatness of the Empire Pro-Finish® blast cabinets all together in a single assembly that’s easy to move and simple to hook-up.  These blast cabinets require only two connections, air and electrical, and include features offered in our high-production Pro-Finish® line.

Empire ProFormer™ Blast Cabinets Features Overview

  • Easily transportable ALL-in-one housing unit, contains reclaimer, pressure vessel (pressure systems only) and dust collector
  • Operator is prompted to pulse-clean dust collector cartridges via the Minihelic gauge that clearly displays the pressure differential across filtration surfaces.
  • Easy to replace, approved Safety-glass window provides improved visibility.
  • Kleensweep™ system directs airflow across the window to ensure visibility remains clear and unobstructed by debris.
  • Safety switch prevents accidental blasting when doors are open; complies with OSHA requirements.
  • Simple, pneumatic controls are extremely reliable.
  • Media-load station inside cabinet door (see back) simplifies replenishment
    of abrasives.
  • Multi-function filter prevents oil, water and particles from contaminating media.
  • Fork-lift slots make the cabinet easy to move.

Standard Specifications

Empire ProFormer blast cabinets standard specifications information.
Overall Dimensions (D”xW”xH”) 72 x 44 x 82
Interior Dimensions (cabinet) 36” Deep By 42” Wide
Door Sizes (left and right) 29” Deep By 32” Wide
Ceramic Nozzle (pressure) 3/16”
Ceramic Nozzle (suction) 5/16” With 5/32” Air Jet
Pipe String (pressure) 1”
Pipe String (suction) 1/2”
Pressure Vessel (pressure) 1 cu. ft., ASME Certified
Blower Motor 1-1/2 h.p.
Ventilation Capacity 600 CFM
Electrical Hookup 230v/60hz Single Phase
Dust collector Filtration Area 206 sq. ft.
Shipping Weight (pressure) 1,480 lbs.
Shipping Weight (suction) 1,270 lbs.

Empire Blast Cabinets Videos

Empire ProFormer™ Blast Cabinets - PF3642-PRC Modified dual cabinet air blast system with two powered carts and operator stations:

Empire Blasting Equipment - Optional Automated modifications overview video: