Drag Finishing Systems TMD 4/2 End Mill Preparation


Surface Preparation features a specially designed drag finishing system for preparing end mills. This unit offers the perfect solution for the preparation of carbide tool cutting edges.

The objectives for this specialized process include:

  • Produce a defined and reproducible cutting edge radius on carbide tools
  • Improve the surface quality in the flute and on the free-angle of carbide tools
  • Improve the lifetime of the cutting tools for titanium and nickel alloy machining

Examples would include: end mills, drills, inserts, face milling tools, thread milling cutters, hobs, reamers, etc…

The advantages for this process are:

  • Extremely precise edge radiusing in short cycle times
  • Fully reproducible process performance
  • Surface improvement of free-angle and flute
  • Improvement of durability for surface coating
  • Tremendous cost saving due to double lifetime of cutting tools

Features of the End Mill Preparation unit are:

  • Automatic processes by PLC with stored process parameters
  • Unlimited number of stored programs in separate PC
  • Tool fixturing by pneumatic chucks / collets
  • Individual adjustment of all drives by selection of speed and direction
  • Selectable submersion depth of tools in grinding media
  • Low consumable / running costs for grinding media

Surface Preparation can assist you with further information for the End Mill Preparation System. We will gladly arrange sample processing of your components for process development. Click here to contact Surface Preparation for further information.