Crushed Glass


Crushed Glass is a general-purpose abrasive used in a wide variety of applications, from rust and mill scale removal, to delicate restoration work. Crushed Glass is a manufactured abrasive made from 100% recycled glass, and is ideal for concrete applications and brick and limestone restoration work. Crushed Glass’ sub-angular shape provides a uniform mil profile and cleans by cutting through mill scale and rust while providing lower particle embedment than most other abrasives. Crushed Glass will enhance the natural luster of the surface without discoloration.


  • An inexpensive angular abrasive that will produce a matte surface finish with low reuse
  • Primarily for anchor pattern creation or applications requiring the removal of rust, scale, and paint where abrasive reclamation for reuse is not available or feasible
  • A cost effective substitute for some slag and mineral abrasives


  • Angular shape
  • MOHs hardness: 5.5 - 6
  • Specific gravity: 2.2
  • Available in mixed grit sizes based upon sieve screen measurement

Download: SDS