Blast Rooms


Blast rooms are large sandblasting enclosures designed to handle work too large even for the biggest blast cabinet. A blast room contains both the work piece and the operator. A dust collection system provides visibility; recovery floor sections convey the spent abrasive to an abrasive cleaning system which returns only good abrasive to the blast machine. The following are common applications for blast rooms:

  • Large Steel Fabrications or Members
  • Military or Commercial Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Rail Cars
  • Construction Equipment
  • Anything else too big or awkward to fit in a hand cabinet

Blast rooms consist of several key components that need to work in harmony with each other, and need to be selected based upon the specific needs of the application:

  • Enclosure
  • Dust Collector
  • Abrasive Recovery Floor
  • Abrasive Reclamation and Cleaning System
  • Blast Pot(s)
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Operator Systems (man lifts etc.)

Surface Preparation can help you design a custom blast room system that works for the particular needs of your application and organization. We also have several standard or pre-engineered blast room packages that are economical and suit a variety of common applications. We provide complete services and solutions for blast room projects including engineering design, abrasive selection, operator safety equipment, turn-key installation, maintenance, and training. Contact Surface Prep today for help with your blast room needs.