ARMEX® Media


ARMEX® sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) blast media is manufactured by the makers of ARM & HAMMER® products. Unlike the baking soda in your refrigerator, however, ARMEX® is specially formulated for use in air blasting and pressure washer applications.

ARMEX® is frequently used for cleaning or degreasing delicate aerospace or automotive components, mold and fire restoration, blasting composites, or any other application that can benefit from its unique characteristics:

Concern Attribute Benefit
Substrate Damage Relatively soft (2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, plastic is 3.5, glass is 5-6, sand is 7, aluminum oxide is 9. Safer for sensitive substrates. Safe to use around bearings and other rotating parts. Won't change surface characteristics. Micron sized for substrate considerations.
Particle Ingression and Residues Water Soluble Media available with SupraKleen® additive which enhances rinsing. Can be effectively rinsed from surfaces, throughways and other contours.
Worker and Environmental Safety Benign pH of 8.2Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non- flammable (will not thermal spark) Many formulas USDA approved as an A-1 cleaner Minimizes exposure concerns for workers, and storage hazards. Industry compatible for controlled environments.
Waste Disposal Used with the specially engineered systems media use rates are less than other abrasives. (1/2 lb. - 2 lbs. a min). Less volume of waste generated. Depending on the coating removed waste can often be disposed of in sanitary landfill. Water solubility and buffering efficiencies allow for reuse in on-site waste-water treatment facilities.
Versatility and Dependability Uniquely formulated for specific applications in three micron sizes from 70-270.Backed by 150 years of bicarbonate experience. Readily available technical expertise. Test cleaning lab facility. On-going research and development. Partnering with industry.

Click here for a detailed description of each of the fourteen formulations in the ARMEX® Blast Media family of products.

ARMEX® works best when used with equipment specifically designed for sodium bicarbonate. Click here for information about sodium bicarbonate blasting equipment.

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