Abrasive Lease & Recycle Programs


Limiting or eliminating waste generation and disposal is an increasingly important and expensive issue that needs to be addressed by industry today.

In many cases, spent blast media, even if currently disposed of as a hazardous waste, can be removed from the waste stream entirely through a lease and recycle program.

A typical program works like this:

  • Customer is leased abrasives for use in their blasting operation (normally the very same abrasives they’re using today).
  • Customer is provided with steel drums to capture the spent media after use.
  • The spent media dust is then returned, for use in the manufacture of another product under a patented process, typically decorative cement block.
  • The entire program is closed loop; from new abrasive to spent media to recycled product, thus eliminating the customer as a waste generator or disposer.

Benefits of the Lease and Recycle Program:

  • Lease and Recycle program has State and Federal government approval.
  • Over 200 facilities currently participate in the Lease and Recycle program.
  • Customer visits to the recycling facility are welcomed and encouraged.
  • All transportation and logistics are provided for the customer.
  • All record keeping, documentation, and material labeling are provided for the customer.
  • Once part of the program the customer is no longer a generator of hazardous waste.
  • The customer has reduced the amount of material that goes to land-fill, thus reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing or blasting operation.

Surface Preparation, along with our Lease and Recycle vendor partner, are proud to offer a program that is both good for business and good for the environment. Contact us today for more information about using a Lease and Recycle program for your operation.