High Energy Centrifugal Disc Units

Surface Preparation features a complete line of High Energy Centrifugal Disc machines. Centrifugal disc machines provide extremely intensive processing.

Compared to vibratory finishing systems centrifugal disc machines offer up to 10 times higher grinding performance. Centrifugal disc machines are well suited for removal of strong burrs and intensive radiusing of small and mid-sized parts.

The rotating spinner (60 – 250 rpm) accelerates the mass of work pieces, media and compound to the wall of the stationary work bowl and pushes the mass upwards along the wall of the work bowl. With decreasing acceleration and increasing gravity, the mass slides back down to the spinner where it is again accelerated.

The high centrifugal forces (25 times the gravity of earth) generate a high pressure and an intensive relative movement between parts and media and thus, a high grinding intensity resulting in shorter processing times.

Surface Preparation offers three primary type of centrifugal disc systems:

Surface Preparation can assist you with the proper selection of centrifugal disc system to fit your processing and production requirements. Click here to contact Surface Preparation.